Sep 30, 2014

Just A Minute | September

I made some hanging plant holders from twine for the kalanchoes on my verandah.
I made some hanging plant holders from twine for my front verandah (so easy to make! I used this tutorial).

Some more zine orders ready to be posted. If you'd like one, I have 5 left ('goodnight little spoon' on Etsy) :)
I posted out some more zines.

Took a moment out of giving myself an aneurism over uni work to paint some Clonettes.
I did something creative that wasn't uni related.

I had some jaw pain and assumed it must have been me getting my wisdom teeth, but an x-ray and a $250 dentist appointment later, I realised I don't have any! The dentist told me I was "highly evolved" and that my jaw pain is probably caused by clenching my jaw from stress. I have one month left of my degree, so hopefully the stress dissipates after that.

I'm very lucky to have a really neat backyard studio (which was once a shed to store kayaks). It isn't totally finished inside (the plasterboard needs to be filled, sanded & painted and some other bits and pieces, but I lack the know how) but it is so awe
I spent a lot of time in my little studio doing uni work (which is what I am avoiding as I write this post!).

Cool idea
I saw this cool foodscape map at Fresh cafe.

#babyjagoe today. #pleaseignorethemess
I enjoyed the company of this boy.

This would only ever happen to my mum.
My sister sent me this text message and I laughed.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 11.27.25 AM
And then my mum put up this picture to demonstrate how similar the toothpaste and deep heat tubes were and I laughed again.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 11.18.47 AM
Theo and I went for a walk to the shops and the park and we were meant to share this icy pole, but someone was greedy. It was his first ever icy pole, so I guess he's forgiven.

I've always wanted a Ficus.
I potted up some plants. I have always wanted a Ficus.

Listening | The Rubens, Big Scary & Dark Was The Night.
ReadingArt, Inc by Lisa Congdon & How To Be An Illustrator by Daryl Rees.
Watching | True Blood, The Mindy Project & Grand Designs (it's like comfort food for me).
Making | Have I mentioned that I've been doing UNI WORK A LOT?!
Consuming | Warm Vegemite scrolls.
Purchasing | Nice art books and art supplies.
Coveting | Free time.
Looking forward to | Being finished my degree and spending the Summer in my garden, going for nice drives around Tassie, playing with Theo and making non-uni related art.

Sep 29, 2014

Worn | Purple & Red


C, Theo and I took a drive to Hobart yesterday to watch a soccer game. We also stopped into T2 to buy some more Liquorice Legs tea (my favourite), JB Hi-Fi to ogle old radios (I want an old fashioned looking digital radio for my studio so I can listen to Radio National) and Dangerfield (I don't buy clothes from anywhere else anymore) and I bought this sweet dress. I'd tried it on last time I was there, didn't buy it and regretted it, so thankfully 25% off sweetened the deal this time. I am wearing my purple suede Crocs in this picture - purple, suede and Crocs sounds like the worst combination ever, haha. I never knew that Crocs made shoes that aren't hideous. These shoes are ridiculously comfortable and I bought them at the opshop for $6.


The soccer game was good (Sydney FC vs Melbourne Victory) and C got to meet an internet friend (who he calls his Perth doppelgänger) who was visiting Hobart. Theo is at that age where he just will not sit still, everything and everywhere has to be explored. I see other little boys who just stand with their parents or sit on a picnic rug with their family - my boy is not that kind of boy. He has to be constantly moving. I don't think he cares where he is going, but he just has to be going somewhere. And so unless I strap him into his pram and keep him there, he'll just wander off and keep wandering! Occasionally he'll look back to see where we are, but that doesn't really seem to be of much concern to him. I like to let him just wander by himself, as long as I can see where he is, but at a heavily populated event like a football game, with sloping bitumen (which he fell over and grazed his face on a few times) it's not so easy.


I've been trying to ditch the pram more often and just go for a walk down the street, letting Theo walk alongside me. He gets easily sidetracked by his reflection in shop windows or the need to climb on things or go down alleyways or stuff his pockets with gravel, haha. There is a park just around the corner from our house, just an expansive grassed area - and Theo will just wander around that huge patch of grass for hours. I guess having just learned how to walk, the world is his oyster.


His favourite activity at the moment is watering the garden with C, with his own little yellow watering can. And playing with his big pink bouncy ball. He's also at that really mimicking age where you cough or sneeze or laugh and he'll copy you. He also makes that little clicking noise with his tongue and pats his knees, trying to make the cats come to him (like C does). Needless to say, I am loving this age.


Our garden is looking pretty lovely at this time of year. The waratahs are flowering and so is just about everything else. I've had severe hayfever, rhinitis and sinusitis since I can remember and I had an allergy blood test a few months ago which said that I had severe grass/pollen allergies (what a surprise). I had an intramuscular steroid hayfever injection which is actually helping a lot and means I can spend lots of time in my lovely garden without sneezing into catatonic state. I'm looking forward to making a proper veggie garden in it when my mum visits in December for my graduation. I want to plant snow peas and spinach and pumpkins and beetroot. C has already planted rhubarb and raspberries which are popping up.

+ dress: princess highway, top: dangerfield, shoes: crocs, collar clips: sweet & lovely.

Sep 23, 2014

Don't Forget To Play

Just a little graphic I made for uni (hover over it with your cursor). I read the words 'don't forget to play' on a graphic by Marc Johns recently and I've been thinking about them a lot.

Sep 18, 2014

Illustrated List | Things I Always Wanted When I Was A Kid


When I was growing up we didn't have very much money, so making our own fun was of utmost importance. I drew and read a lot and we swam in the creek and only got two TV stations. I remember getting out of date teen magazines from the rectory book sale in the tiny town I grew up in and looking wide-eyed upon all of the trends and must-have-items of the time. These were a few things I can remember childhood me really pining over. I remember my friend Eve had a Furby (and basically every toy a kid could ever want) and I was so jealous.


What's something you can remember asking your parents for or wishing for in secret?

Sep 16, 2014

Dear So and So


Dear older lady wearing amazing handmade floral overalls,
I am so glad I stopped to compliment you on them and am sad that you were feeling bad about your weight since putting on 10 kilos while in hospital. You looked fabulous. Thank you for posting us a couple of pairs of shoes for Theo. I really want a pair of those overalls now.
Yours, random girl on the street.

Dear Theodore,
You are a walking, talking, cat-chasing, dancing, delicious-smelling, cheeky little ball of wonderful.
Thanks for bringing so much joy and mess to our life. Please stop eating cat food.
Your mother and father, who will never get the house totally clean again.

To my sister and brother,
We should do a collaborative art project at the end of the year - a zine and/or an exhibition. What do you reckon?
Love, your middle sister (who feels very lucky to have such clever, creative siblings).

Dear wisdom teeth,
Please stop squashing all of my teeth together and causing me discomfort. Please don't make the dentist take you out on Friday and cost me a million dollars!
Yours, with a sore jaw.

Dear Self,
Please stop procrastinating and do your uni work! You only have six weeks left! Those essays won't write themselves!
From your conscience.

Dear Mindy Kaling,
Thanks for writing such an upbeat, funny, clever show. It brings me a lot of joy.
Yours, I-just-binge-watched-the-second-season-in-two-sittings.

Dear customers at work,
When I repeat over the microphone over and over that the store is closing and you wait until it's exactly 11pm to bring your full trolley to the checkout, it is very difficult to be nice to you. I don't get paid for that extra 15 minutes it takes every night to put your groceries through!
Yours, enraged check out girl who wants to get home and go to bed.

Dear man in wheelchair, without a shirt on, smoking a cigarette, wheeling himself up a hill in the rain,
I only saw you from afar - I hope somebody helped you get up that hill!
Yours, confused onlooker.

Dear neighbour,
Please don't leave an anonymous note in our letter box claiming to be from the entire street, accusing us of being bad pet owners for letting our cats be outside, alleging that they have been damaging property and gardens and threatening to have them taken away and 'placed into more responsible homes' if we don't lock them inside. Please approach us in person so that we can discuss the issue.
Yours sincerely, annoyed cat owner neighbour.

(We ended up writing nice notes with drawings of cats on them, apologising if our cats have caused any trouble and folding them up with a little packet teabag inside to drop in the mailboxes of our entire street)

Dear Atticus and Tintin,
I am sorry that I have locked you inside as punishment today. I will let you out to play soon. Please don't wander off into other people's yards and bother them. Be good boys.
Your loving human mum.

Dear Mail Man,
Please deliver all of the awesome creative books I've splurged and bought late at night on Book Depository.
Yours, with a sad bank account.

Dear family and friends of Alderman Jeremy Ball,
I am so sorry for your loss. Jeremy was a really nice guy and a great advocate for Launceston. Vale.
With sympathy, Bianca.

Dear C,
I hope that you find some fun, fulfilling creative things to do so that not all of your time is spent cleaning up and chasing Theo around (even though I know you don't mind doing that too). You are very clever and creative.
Love, your wife.

Dear lady in local boutique who told me if I wanted to fit into one of the dresses I'd tried on that was too small I could just "lose weight",
This is really not the way to sell more clothes. If you stocked a realistic range of sizes, I might have given you a lot of money. Instead, I won't be coming back.
Yours, peeved.

Dear lady in cafe who came up to me shortly after the previous conversation to tell me I looked "gorgeous",
Thanks very much, I appreciated it.
Yours, girl in red.

To people who have written me lovely notes, emails or Etsy feedback regarding my zine,
Thanks so much. I am so pleased that you enjoyed it and got something out of it. It is lovely when you can send something out to people that you put a lot of yourself into and it has a positive effect on people.
Yours, I-wish-I-had-more-time-for-making-zines.

Dear Launceston City Council,
Why haven't you installed my decorated traffic controller box yet? It has been almost a year since I painted it and I've still not spotted it!
Yours, confused artist.

Dear Taylor Swift,
Why are do I keep waking up every day with 'Shake It Off' stuck in my head? Am I having Taylor Swift dance parties in my sleep?
Yours, closet fan.