Oct 19, 2014

Little Joys


+ My cat looking at the moon.
+ Freesias & jasmine.
+ Toddlers eating icy poles.
+ The smell of gouache paint.
+ A clean work space.
+ Birds eating nectar.
+ Patting cats on the street.
+ Finishing an assignment on time (for once).
+ Dirty bare feet from playing in the yard.
+ Theo's dancing.
+ A cool breeze.
+ House plants.
+ Maple syrup.
+ Old books with lovely colour illustrations.
+ A bag of herbs left on your doorstep from a neighbour.
+ Funny little compliments from strangers ("I love your bag! It's pretty and shaped like a heart, just like you! I hope you have a wonderful life!" - Drunk French man at work).
+ Learning new skills (I'm a bit addicted to Skillshare).
+ Eating vegan cheesecake on the floor at Holly's house, reading her collage books.
+ A street fiesta.
+ Babycino moustaches.
+ Theo laughing at dogs we pass in the city (and pointing at them calling them cats).
+ More hours of sunlight in the day.
+ Waking up with a cat asleep on your belly.

I've got a little bit over two weeks until my folio for my degree is due. I'm making okay progress and I think I'll get it finished in time to a standard I'm happy with. C and Theo are going away to NSW for two weeks next Friday and I've not spent that amount of time by myself for about 5 years, so it will be interesting to see how I go. I do have to admit that C had to teach me how to use our washing machine (he always does our washing) and I'll have to learn how to make my own coffee in the morning. I have a kind of learned helplessness, where I've gotten so used to C doing certain things, I feel like I wouldn't be able to do them myself. But I think it will be good for me to spend some time taking care of myself. I plan on working really hard to finish my uni work, painting my piano (and maybe the ceiling in our lounge room), working on commissions, watching lots of Grand Designs, going to Film Society, gardening and rearranging furniture in our house. I am going to miss those boys so much, but they will be having a lovely time staying with family and going to the beach. Theo is going to love hanging out with his cousins so much and C is going to enjoy actually getting to have more conversations with adults and playing squash (his brother runs a squash court).

I really love this time of year. It seems kind of cliche to say so, but I can't help but feel positive when the end of the year approaches, the weather starts getting warmer and the days get longer. This year I feel like I've developed a lot as a creative person and I feel a lot more confident in myself. Since I was a kid a lack of self confidence and self esteem has stopped me from doing a lot of things, so it has been nice to push past some of that this year and feel proud of my achievements.

I might not get a chance to post again until my folio is finished, but I look forward to being on the other side of that due date and being able to post more often.

Oct 12, 2014

Illustrated List | Summer Goals

biancasummergoals copy

I submitted this list for a collaborative zine called Summer Goals zine that Sarah McNeil is putting together. I am really looking forward to this Summer - I will graduate, my mum will come to visit, I'll go to see Ben Folds in concert, I'll fix up my studio and hopefully go for lots of scenic drives with C and Theo.

Here is the call out for submissions if you'd like to send a list too - it doesn't have to be drawn either, it can be handwritten or typed.


Oct 4, 2014

Free Printable | Colourful Card + Envelope

Goodnight Little Spoon Free Printable

Today I thought I'd take a break from uni work (one month to go!) and I played around with a fun little commission (drawing Clonettes!) and I made this free card and envelope set for you to download and print. I painted all of the elements in my sketchbook with gouache and watercolour and then scanned them and fiddled around with them.

I had them printed at Officeworks onto matte card, though my home printer did some very acceptable prints too. Just make sure that when you're printing the images, neither image gets resized/scaled down in the printing settings (or you can print them smaller if you like by setting the scale to say, 75% on both images). Enjoy!

+ You can download the card here and download the envelope here.

Goodnight Little Spoon Free Printable
Goodnight Little Spoon Free Printable

+ You can download and print my other free printables here.
+ For personal use only. Please do not modify or upload the original files elsewhere.

Goodnight Little Spoon Free Printable
Goodnight Little Spoon Free Printable

Oct 2, 2014

Illustrated List | Songs I Like To Sing In The Shower


I am a self confessed shower singer. I can't help it, as soon as I get in there I feel like exercising my vocal cords. I used to sing a lot (outside of the shower) when I was in high school and eventually I stopped feeling nervous singing in front of people. Nowadays, I don't sing outside of the shower much and on the odd occasion I do so in front of others, my body shakes with nerves. What songs do you like to sing in the shower? (C'mon, I know you do it too).

Sep 30, 2014

Just A Minute | September

I made some hanging plant holders from twine for the kalanchoes on my verandah.
I made some hanging plant holders from twine for my front verandah (so easy to make! I used this tutorial).

Some more zine orders ready to be posted. If you'd like one, I have 5 left ('goodnight little spoon' on Etsy) :)
I posted out some more zines.

Took a moment out of giving myself an aneurism over uni work to paint some Clonettes.
I did something creative that wasn't uni related.

I had some jaw pain and assumed it must have been me getting my wisdom teeth, but an x-ray and a $250 dentist appointment later, I realised I don't have any! The dentist told me I was "highly evolved" and that my jaw pain is probably caused by clenching my jaw from stress. I have one month left of my degree, so hopefully the stress dissipates after that.

I'm very lucky to have a really neat backyard studio (which was once a shed to store kayaks). It isn't totally finished inside (the plasterboard needs to be filled, sanded & painted and some other bits and pieces, but I lack the know how) but it is so awe
I spent a lot of time in my little studio doing uni work (which is what I am avoiding as I write this post!).

Cool idea
I saw this cool foodscape map at Fresh cafe.

#babyjagoe today. #pleaseignorethemess
I enjoyed the company of this boy.

This would only ever happen to my mum.
My sister sent me this text message and I laughed.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 11.27.25 AM
And then my mum put up this picture to demonstrate how similar the toothpaste and deep heat tubes were and I laughed again.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 11.18.47 AM
Theo and I went for a walk to the shops and the park and we were meant to share this icy pole, but someone was greedy. It was his first ever icy pole, so I guess he's forgiven.

I've always wanted a Ficus.
I potted up some plants. I have always wanted a Ficus.

Listening | The Rubens, Big Scary & Dark Was The Night.
ReadingArt, Inc by Lisa Congdon & How To Be An Illustrator by Daryl Rees.
Watching | True Blood, The Mindy Project & Grand Designs (it's like comfort food for me).
Making | Have I mentioned that I've been doing UNI WORK A LOT?!
Consuming | Warm Vegemite scrolls.
Purchasing | Nice art books and art supplies.
Coveting | Free time.
Looking forward to | Being finished my degree and spending the Summer in my garden, going for nice drives around Tassie, playing with Theo and making non-uni related art.