Feb 5, 2011

Stamp Craft

Things to make and do with postage stamps;

Postage stamp gift tags (from A Spoonful of Sugar)

Papier mache postage stamp bowl (from Repurposed: Art from Recycled Materials Exhibit - by Amanda Hone)

Postage stamp covered side table (by Volcano on Craftser)

Postage stamp coasters (via Design Sponge)

Decoupaged stamp clock (from Seabird Chronicles)

Postage stamp handbag (from Miss Mish Mish)

Collaged stamp shoes (by Hevs Illyria)

Stamp mirror (by Abbey Christine)

Handmade Stamp Cards (via Martha Stewart)

Postage stamp covered light switches (via Girl Called Heaven 1 & 2)

Postage stamp covered Holga camera (via Andrew Kua)

Decoupaged stamp bangle (via this post)

Stamp cake garland (by Dsharp)

Postage stamp collaged mailbox (via Good Mail Day)


  1. Oh wow, I love the gift tags!
    And the shoes :D

  2. This stuff is awesome. It's gone way past using them to make postcards and earrings! I love the shoes and the handbag, and the mailbox is adorable!

  3. I've always wanted a postage stamp covered side table!!!
    The Holga camera looks amazing that way!

  4. Oh they are all awesome!But the shoes are wonderful!AriadnefromGreece!

  5. Such beautiful items, I love the picture frame.

  6. Amazing items, thanks for sharing!!! My favorite is the handbag.

  7. if only Aussie stamps were nicer :(

  8. That is amazing I have tonnes of stamps and was wondering what to do with them... now I can do something like this :P

  9. just found your blog, and I LOVE the premise! I've always been obsessed with mail, to the extent that I would deliver notes between my family members around the house when I was a kid. I once got a behind-a-the-scenes tour of our local post office, and I was in heaven. sorry for nerding out about the mail!

  10. oh my, so many amazing things! I adore the shoes and the holga!!

  11. This blog is so interesting. I've really enjoyed reading through it.

  12. Those shoes are killer!!! Awesome find!


  13. Hello, thank you for featuring my handbag! Great finds :) Yasmin

  14. just discovered your blog today...i think I love it!

  15. These are awesome ideas. The gift tags are so pretty, and I especially like the shoes idea that you featured!

    Ive made quite a few stamp related crafts. One of my larges and favourites is a large stars and stripes canvas. http://paintsewgluechew.com/2014/06/stars-stripes-wall-art-using-vintage_stamps/


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