Aug 29, 2011

List; Films


+ Honourable mentions include; Stranger Than Fiction, The Breakfast Club, Mysterious Skin, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Fight Club, Gattaca, The Truman Show & The Big Lebowski.

What are your favourites? I'd love your recommendations!

Aug 27, 2011


I've been working on this blanket for a uni assignment lately (fuelled by hot chocolate and back-to-back episodes of my latest guilty pleasure, True Blood). The image is based on the mandalas I've been drawing and it has been my first attempt at something like applique.


I started with a pale pink and blue woollen blanket I found in the textiles studio and sewed and Heat-And-Bonded bits of scrap fabric onto it. Despite meaning to, I never took any photos of the process.

I also tried my hand at some needle felting (before stabbing myself in the fingers repeatedly and breaking my needle, thus the three blank arrows). I'm not sure if it's finished yet, but I might not get any more time to work on it before it is due, due to working long shifts at work for the next week - I just got home from a ten hour shift today, phew! I had to run the front end of the supermarket tonight by myself for five hours and I feel like I did everything wrong, wah!

 It has been really fun decorating this blanket and I'd love to try some more applique and quilting type work. I am thinking I'll keep it as a wall hanging once it has been marked. Now to sleep before my eight hour shift tomorrow, raaaah.

Aug 25, 2011

August Break; A Whale In The Park

Yesterday I saw a whale in the park. He is hanging out in some of Launceston's parks over the next few days as part of the annual Launceston Junction Arts Festival (which my pal Sara has the prestigious title of being Operations Manager for). There is lots of other great arty stuff going on around town too.

I whipped out my Polaroid camera to capture him on film...

I thought I'd get a little closer to take another...

...and he disappeared! :P (aka the sun ruined my shot).


August Break; Shoes

I bought new shoes yesterday.
+ Mackenzie by Minki.
+++ half price (Y)

Aug 21, 2011

List; Famous Last Words

+ Photo template frames by Pugly Pixel.

Do you have any favourite last words? Do you have your last words planned out? :P

Aug 18, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

Today I made my second opshopping trip in a week - this time to a Mission store nearby to my house. Since moving to Tasmania I've not had as many awesome thrifting outings as I'd hoped. I've felt like perhaps 'vintage' goods haven't really hit Tasmania yet - people are still using the stuff! Ha. I wanted to remedy my bad opshopping experiences, so I wrote my self a list of things I would look for specifically when I go opshopping - that way, hopefully, I won't duck in, rummage around and grumpily leave empty handed so often. I tend not to bother looking through the clothes sections too much - the clothing items often have hefty price tags and aren't very interesting. Unless it's something extraordinary, I'm not really prepared to pay full new price for something pre-owned.

Sometimes I don't have enough time to go through each section on my list, but if I tick a few off of my list I usually have an armful of things to take to the counter. I'm sure that more seasoned opshoppers live by lists like these.

Things on my list;
- interesting fabrics (even on clothes that are too big/small/bad cuts)
- shoes, belts, scarves, hats, bags & jewellery
- kitchenware/crockery/ceramics
- framed artwork & empty picture frames
- home decor (cushions, lamps, ornaments, etc)
- tablecloths, blankets, pillow cases, doilies & tea-towels
- books, magazines & records
- board games, knick knacks & cameras
- clothing (but don't spend too much time going through the racks, unless you see particularly interesting fabric/textures/something one of a kind)

Today I bought a framed landscape painting print (I am thinking of altering it), two cross-stitched flowers in frames, a purple acrylic tweed blanket, a Vera Lynn record (just for the cover) and something called a 'Jumbo Hookey' board (an old game) which I thinking of using to hang jewellery or bags from. I spent about $15 all up.

Do you usually have a plan when you go thrifting/opshopping? What are items you always look for?

Aug 17, 2011


1. 2.

C and I have been looking for a new place to rent - we've been in our current home for a year and being 150 years old, it is quite small, cold, damp and with tiny rooms that are awkward to fit furniture (and tiny little doorways that 6-foot-tall C hits his head on a lot to my amusement). As we've been going to inspections and looking at pretty places online I've been imagining how I'd like to arrange things and furniture and decor I might make a little splurge on. My budget for things like these is pretty slim so I'm thinking some DIY projects might be in order. Here are some (mostly totally impractical and way out of my price range) bits and pieces I'd love to have around my home. Decor inspiration if you will.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

. 2. 3. 4.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

August Break; Wool

My friend Sara is a beautiful creative lady. We became friends through uni this year and despite my absolute joy for her as she moves to Ireland next year to be with her love, I can't possibly hide my misery that my uni bestie will be disappearing from my day to day life in a mere six months! Facebook and Skype will not suffice! I've made it my mission to finally get my passport before she goes and I'll wander on over and visit her in pretty Dublin.

One of the (many) crafty, arty things she's been doing lately is coordinating the International Scarf Exchange 2011. Tonight the wonderful woolly things that were made and sent in were exhibited at the Powerhouse Gallery at our uni and the fruits of this project were so, so beautiful. These are just a couple of pictures I took at the opening - I'm sure Sara will post a big bunch more.


Aug 16, 2011

Helmet Head

Christina recently did a post about riding bikes in Paris, where helmets aren't typically worn, then returning to San Fran and not really feeling so keen about wearing a helmet. I am a bit in two minds about helmets - it is illegal not to wear one when cycling in Australia, so there is no choice - but a part of me thinks that the choice should be left up to the rider. It has become something that is very automatic for me, so I don't have to even think about it, I just put it on - although it would be nice to be able to wear different hair styles. Being safe is obviously a bigger priority (though I've never fallen off my bike before).

Having to wear a helmet - and helmets generally being ugly and totally unstylish seems to be a significant factor in people not riding bikes these days. I have a pretty cute rounded mauve helmet, which doesn't cramp my style too much, but this decoupaged helmet DIY by Modcloth is an awesome way to revamp a sad, boring helmet - I might try it with another helmet.


Modcloth have been doing some other sweet cycling style posts lately including cute helmets, pedal savvy fashion, the Modcloth bike ride guide, write a bike and the "We Can't Stop Talking About... Bikes!" post.

Planet Green also has a guide to Pimping Your Bike Helmet.

PS. I'd die for an Audrey Kawasaki bike helmet!

Aug 15, 2011

August Break; Art Class


Picture of a picture

+ The textiles studio at my university is a lovely colourful place. I have two of my subjects in this room and it has good vibes.

Chandelier in art class

+ I can't remember if this chandelier was made by Mae or Abigail (forgive me!), isn't it lovely?

Aug 13, 2011


Lately I've been doodling a lot (especially when I should be watching lectures). Though I didn't know that's what they were called when I started drawing them (until C told me) - I really like mandalas at the moment. I draw them free-hand with no planning or sketching, so they're quite therapeutic on one hand, and slightly anxious on the other. One tiny mistake and it ruins the symmetry. They might take anywhere from ten minutes to two hours to draw depending on the detail. I have a really nice black fine-tipped Sharpie that I've been using, but I'm a big fan of these pens for drawing too. In my textiles class we've been playing with screen printing and riso prints and I thought I'd share some of my experiments.

+ I took one of my smaller, less detailed drawings, made a carbon photocopy of it, put it through the riso machine and made a screen, which paint could then be screened over and only the mandala would come through onto the fabric.

+ a messy mandala drawn on the train.

+ stitched.

I really want to make more risos now and print them on everything!