Nov 28, 2011

Monday List | Unbecoming Accessories

Of course, these are just my opinion. I do think people should wear whatever makes them feel good really - if you can rock socks and sandals, go you! Do you disagree/have any to suggest?

It is fun to imagine one orange fake tanned, socks and sandal wearing, speedo sporting, segway riding, bluetooth headset talking, mulletted, falling down pants and shoulder pad wearing person. I almost want to draw that!

+ Definitely bum bags/fanny packs as suggested by Puppy Love Princess.

Nov 26, 2011

Collage | Nothing Is Dead

Today I had a sick day off work and was in bed until 2pm feeling very ick. I hate sick days, because on my days off I want to be as productive as I possibly can, but today I really had to take it easy.

I've had this wooden plaque (I have no idea what to call it actually) from Spotlight for a couple of years and I've always meant to make something with it. Today I took my scissors to a Harper's Bazaar mag and a Japanese fashion magazine called Pretty Style and got to work with a glue stick. I really enjoy collaging and find it quite therapeutic, but I have trouble knowing when to stop or when something is 'finished'. I am wishing I hadn't added the hand drawn black swirls on either side in a haste at the end, but I can live with them.

I stuck all of the bits onto the board with a glue stick and then added a layer or two of PVA glue over the top to seal it. I'd love to play with some resin to finish it, but I've heard it's a bit fiddly. I think a trip to Spotlight to get more of these plaques might be in order when I'm feeling better.

Done? We'll see.

Nov 22, 2011

Mail | to Jane

I received a very sweet little aerogramme last week from Jane and I thought I'd get straight to writing her a reply.

+ The aerogramme from Jane.

+ Some other mail I've been sending recently:

Nov 21, 2011

List | 3 Things


+ can you tell i'm reading back through the 100?
+ clip art: pugly pixel

Nov 16, 2011

Worn | Purple Patterns

dress: nanna's, shirt: belonged to my mum, stockings: kmart, boots: dr martens.

C calls this dress the 'Mrs Orford' dress because he remembers having a very Nanna-y primary school teacher who wore similar dresses. The shirt was one of my mums from a few decades ago. I have probably posted its label before, but I just couldn't resist. Gaylord forever.

Nov 15, 2011


Today Sara and I went for a drive to find props for the project she's putting together (mentioned in this post). We went to an opshop (thrift store) on the outside of town and it was like heaven. It is the king of all opshops. It is so huge it even has a big cafe in the middle of it and also sells groceries.

We had a fairly quick look around (by my ambling standards), got some bits and pieces for the project and headed back. These items were just a few things that I grabbed when they caught my eye. I especially love the thermos with the little side pump. I think I won't be able to help myself and I'll likely head back there again this week and to the one on the complete other side of town too. I am considering buying one of those dorky wheeled shopping bags that grandmas have to cart opshop finds around in while I bus around town.

+ Sara scored this typewriter today for $4. It needs a bit of a fix up, but in the meantime it is nice to look at!

Mail | from Adeline

I am very fortunate to have some very lovely blog friends and Adeline is one of them. I can't wait to write her back.

Nov 14, 2011

Worn | Little Red

+ dress: persnickety vintage, shoes: rivers, cardigan: maxxim, necklace: apron design markets.

Today I am going to try to tick things off my list that I've been meaning to get done. My BFF Sara is running an interactive art project called 'Can I Help You?', wherein she will become something of a personal assistant (something I think she was born to do - this lady gets stuff done!). In different venues, people are able to approach her and you can ask her to help you with something. It is tempting to lure her to my house to help me clean up the pile of clothes on my bedroom floor, but I'm trying to think of something more fun that she might be able to help me with. Maybe she can come to my house and help me watch five seasons of Angel? I think she'd be up for that.

Monday List: Dialect Differences


I am very fascinated by the little differences in language and wording between Western countries. You might remember my Regional Dialect Meme vlog from a few months ago - it mainly focused on pronunciation, but there are lots of specific word differences between Australian and the US. I made a larger list of some differences I could think of on my Listography. The words above are just some of my favourites.

Can you think of any other fun word differences?

+ glitter texture by pugly pixel.

Nov 12, 2011

List | DIYs To Try

+ image via see me everywhere.

+ sew smile and wave's bow garland
+ print out and read over and write down notes to keri smith's 100 ideas
+ make a block poster or a rasteriser for our bedroom wall
+ try smile and wave's paint chart wall art on a beautiful mess
+ make something like scathingly brilliant's cat skirt
+ get some inspiration from hello sandwich's embroidery and this guest post on scathingly brilliant.
+ make my own underwear?
+ try making homemade oreos
+ try this bunting diy
+ make a doily bowl from design sponge

List | Aeroplane Window

Seen from aeroplane window
+ a patchwork quilt of different coloured terrain
+ kilometres and kilometres of flat, fluffy cotton-wool clouds
+ long, skinny snake rivers
+ shadows of clouds on the water that look as though ink has been dropped in the sea
+ melted ice-cream snow on the mountains (the dandenongs)
+ the sun reflecting on dams - making them appear like shiny coins
+ sugarloaf-like peaks
+ clouds that look like the perfect place to sleep
+ clouds that look entirely edible
+ cars and houses for tiny ants

Nov 11, 2011

Worn: Yellow Coat Reprise


+ coat: nanna's, shoes: doc martens, skirt: kmart, shirts: just jeans, bow: diva, belt: ebay.

I bought this skirt today while I was bored waiting for my Nanna to pick clothes - she takes even longer than I do! I've not bought a 'new' new item of clothing in quite some time. I still adore this yellow coat (though it is nowhere near as bright as it used to be). Happy 11/11/11 folks.

Ps. Lady Croissant aka Adeline was kind enough to let me visit her today.

Nov 8, 2011

Worn; Pink Floral

I went to Nanna's last week (despite the impending doom of my bank account) and tried on a few sale dresses. Sweet Lucy gave me four dresses for $40 (quite a saving!). I haven't bought any clothes in a while because I guess I am always looking for the 'perfect' dress or my new 'favourite' dress, rather than just picking up nice basic items that I can layer. This dress wouldn't have been something I would have ordinarily picked out, but I quite enjoy the dorky floral pattern.

I am working six days straight this week so that I can have three days off in a row while my Nanna is in town - it's her first trip to Tasmania. I'm still not sure what to do with her while she's here, but I'm thinking - Cataract Gorge, visiting Launceston's gorgeous parks, maybe a day trip or two to some farms (cheese, chocolate, strawberry) and it does seem fitting that I might take my own Nanna for a visit to Nanna's shop. My other Nanna has promised she'll visit early next year - yay for Nannas. I love visitors. All of my family lives on the mainland, so I get very excited when people make the trip over to Tassie. Sometimes it occurs to me that, unlike the mainland where you can just jump in a car or bus or train (or even walk) and go anywhere in the country - you can't get out of Tasmania without paying a great deal by plane or boat. It kind of stifles spontaneous travel. I'm not complaining though, I love it here.
Just come visit me, okay?!

+ As I rode home yesterday I spotted these little chalkboard signs sticky-taped to our fence. C did it as a little surprise for me as I rode past. Adorable man.



+ dress: nanna's, shoes; vivienne westwood + melissa, coat: too old to remember, bow: diva.