Feb 8, 2012

DIYs on my to-do list

+ Manzanita's fabric embroidery hoop home decor DIY.

+ Honestly WTF's felted elbow patch DIY

+ Megan's marbled nail tutorial

Modcloth's DIY Valentines heart wreath

Tiny Angry Crafter's felt heart garland

Design Sponge's DIY pouf

Katie's dip-dyed old sweater mittens

A is for Ampersand's chalkboard mug restyle


  1. Those fabric embroidery hoops look awesome. And the chalkboard mugs are such a cute idea, definitely one I'd try out!

  2. Oh wow I am in love with all of these thanks for the post.

  3. Cute projects! I've seen those fabric hoops and wished to have them in my flat one day :)

  4. ; w; Ahhh ILU B! Thanks for including my felt hearts! <3 I wanna try those chalkboard mugs >3>

  5. I absolutely adore the home decor things, they are so beautiful. aaah ♥
    and the sponge is so wonderful :)

  6. I'd like to see someone review that heart-elbow patch DIY because it's cute but it looks like too much work. I'd rather just cut out the wool and sew it on with a quick zig-zag stitch on a machine.

  7. so many good things. time to pin some things! <3


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