Apr 24, 2012

Worn | Bright Basics


+ skivvy: cotton on, cardigan: glassons, skirt: kmart, hat: cotton on, tights: sussan, bag: ebay, shoes: vivienne westwood & melissa.

This has been my easy uniform lately. I didn't pay more than $10 for any of the items in this outfit except my shoes. Not a bit of vintage, most things from department stores. I was standing in some fairly substantial rain at the time. C had an umbrella over the camera. I like easy outfits, something you know that works that you can just throw on.

Tonight I'm thinking about going to see The Hunger Games again and making a laksa. I always feel like laksas in wet weather. Tomorrow is a public holiday and I'm going to veg around at home making and watching stuff.

Ps. My garden needs weeding.


  1. i have that bag, but in a tan colour! i love how bright and cheerful you always look. such a happy look!

  2. Love those colors together. I wore a mustard dress and red leggings last week and my boss called me Ronald McDonald. I immediately thought of your 'ketchup and mustard' description you once used and said "I prefer the term ketchup and mustard". PS - What's the public holiday in Australia tomorrow?

  3. super super cute. i love it when you wear mustard and red!

    :D xo

  4. I love those colours together! Mustard is my current obsession and coloured tights too. xx

  5. my friend has similar tights, we call them Simpsons-tights cause when you wear them, it looks like you're half of a simpsons character. i'm not sure why i'm sharing this :D. love the outfit!

    xx Stu

  6. I love everything about it!!! You look adorable!

  7. I love your outfit!! I wish I could wear "mustard"...always look kinda sick in it...but you have the glamour to rock it!


  8. Oh I love your bag...and you look so comfortable and warm. It must be starting to get cold is tassie because I can already feel the cold creep in over here in NSW.

  9. Is a skivvy a top? It's somebody who does all the crap and menial jobs nobody else wants over here! Weird!

  10. Gorgeous outfit. It looks exactly like something I'd wear. :D Love my bright basics.



  11. Oh my you are beautiful! I love all the bright colors with your dark hair!

  12. I love your colour combinations, they look great on you. I love mustard but I still am yet to buy something that colour, I think a bag would be the right way to start.

  13. Hey B-sack.

    So Frenchy. So Chique. Hey i hear your gonna have a little exhibitiony thang at the chop shop. Hooray :D

    Love from Luke

  14. Oh my goodness this is amazing! I adore all the colors. You're so lovely.



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