Jul 29, 2012

Collage | Rainbow Silhouettes


I made this series of collages for a drawing assignment for my 'Drawing The Body' class last semester. I hate drawing bodies and I took the class as a bit of a challenge for myself. One of the assignments was a self directed project that we were to work on outside of class for the 13 weeks and then submit at the end. I decided to draw silhouettes with poses that were a little out of the ordinary. I like the idea that a bunch of information might be able to be conveyed through a flat black silhouette and a bit of body language. I assigned each silhouette a colour and a song as a title. The collages were made using my collection of paper scraps, a pair of scissors and a glue stick on white card - then I scanned the images into Photoshop (to, um, edit out the bits of cat hair stuck all over them!).  

I'm thinking of getting them printed as sets of postcards - what do you think?

+ title: "call to arms" - beirut

+ title: "step into my office baby" - belle & sebastian

+ title: "fight for your right" - the beastie boys

+ title: "pregnant for the last time" - the smiths

+ title: "dog" - andy bull

+ title: "sundress" - ben kweller

+ title: "brick shithouse" - placebo

If you happen to be in my hometown of Newcastle in the next month or two, you might see prints of these collages in a lovely little shop called the Chop Shop Clinic


  1. These are so clever and creative! My favourites are definitely the 'fun and games' and ' do it in a dress'. (:

  2. If you wanted to sell these as postcards, I'd suggest going for it as people would go crazy for them.

  3. These are fantastic, Bianca. I love them. You should absolutely do postcard prints!

  4. Love every single of them! xxx

  5. yes please do them as postcard prints they are fantastic! love love love them! :) x

  6. Oh! Oh! I'm so excited that they are in the Chop Shop! I'll head down tomorrow!! So excited!!

  7. these are so pretty! i'd definitely buy them as well :)

  8. i LOVE these! gorgeous pics!


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