Oct 23, 2012

Weekly Thrift

I really love Tasmanian souvenir kitch, they do it so well here. I've been looking for some fun crockery to put my succulent collection into. I was also thinking old, wide-opening teapots.

This reminded me of Kate.

I loved the pattern on the old photo album. The keys on the keyboard are about half the size of my fingers - tiny!


I'd seen crying boy prints around from time to time but this one was for a good price and I wanted a fun souvenir of our travels. When we got home, we watched the first episode of the new season of Fresh Meat and lo and behold, look who is in the opening titles:

Screen Shot 2012-10-23 at 10.40.57 AM

Last week C's parents took us for a drive up into the North West and we visited Penguin, Burnie and Wynyard. I am particularly fond of Penguin (for its name and numerous penguin statues) and I liked Burnie's Makers Workshop and Wynyard has an awesome opshop called Mother Hubbards (where I got the crying boy and mail organiser and this jacket) and, of course the tulips!

A penguin in Penguin.

The Groovy Penguin Cafe.

The tulips were gorgeous, though perhaps not quite as spectacular as last year's.

Old folks made of paper at the Burnie Makers Workshop.

Sinister name, beautiful place.

I haven't been as frugal with my spendings lately as I probably should've been but I still have a pretty reasonable savings account for somebody who works part time and studies, so I'll forgive myself for some of my fun spending lately. We've been talking about buying a new couch for a few months - and not something vintage, something new and really comfy and well made. I love vintage couches, but ours is just the most uncomfortable thing to sit on ever. So yesterday, armed with my savings account, I bought us a new couch. It's red and vinyly and ridiculously comfy and gets delivered tomorrow. Taking large chunks out of my savings makes me hugely anxious, but C said he'll pay me back half and hopefully I can pay myself back at some point. I am a bit worried about how to keep the cats from destroying it - the store person suggested a water gun. C said that I would get carried away with it and just spray them for no reason, for my own amusement. That does sound like me.


  1. the groovy penguin cafe looks cute :) and oh my goodness, those tulips!! xx

  2. Awe, I've never seen a tulip field! And I love tulips :).

    Also, I love your outfit and all the thrifty finds.

    Have a fun week, Bianca! ;D

  3. I love your thrift posts! I can't remember the last time I raided a junk shop. Definitely overdue :) Hope you're well sweetheart xx

  4. I know something interesting about your crying boy painting, which you might know as well: There is a myth that says that these paintings will bring the devil in your house when you put one of those on your wall! It's a crying gypsy boy, the painter made a deal with the devil to sell these paintings, the painter got really rich by it, but all the boys painted were catching fire and died! There are also people who heard crying noises come out these paintings, haha. I hope I didn't make you afraid, but I can see why the previous owner did not wanted to have this hanging in his or her house :o (you should try googling 'crying gypsy Bragolin').

  5. We tried using a water bottle on our dogs when they were misbehaving, but we had to stop when me and my boyfriend started spraying one another instead. These are some great finds, I love that mug, and after reading BeautifulDoodle's comment above, I'm slightly freaked out by the crying boy xo

  6. Wow! great post and photos -- that shot of you is just adorable! I am happy to see more "Letters" in your mail organizer than there are "Bills". And that black dress with the red is great. Tulips are incredible and I'd like to go to that cafe please.....

  7. That's the oddest thing with that boy picture! Will you share peeks from inside your photo album?

  8. Aww the flowers are so bright and pretty! Jealous!!!

  9. Great finds!
    I too have a crying boy - we gave him a body for an exhibition. He still lives in my bedroom... The way you overcome the curse is by sticking a picture of a crying girl on the back of the print of the boy.

  10. you look so smiley happy in the photo Bianca, very happy :D


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